What are TEKNOKENT Advantages?

With the Technology Development Zones Law no. 4691 and related legislation, entrepreneur companies operating within Kahramanmaraş Teknokent are given the advantage of tax and VAT exemption in various fields. Through these incentives, the formation of companies that produce and use advanced technology, which provide higher added value and employment to the national economy, and which are highly competitive, are supported. Under the TDZ Law,

  • Earnings obtained from software and R & D activities of the companies working in the region from the corporate tax
  • The fees of the researchers, software developers and R & D personnel working in the region related to these duties are subject to any tax
  • Delivery and services of system management, data management, business applications, sectorial, internet, mobile and military command control application software produced in the region are subject to VAT; Exceptional until 31.12.2023
  • As insurance premium support, half of the insurance premium employer's share, calculated over the wages of the employees whose wages are exempt from income tax, in return for these works, is paid from the appropriation set in the budget of the Ministry of Finance for each employee for five years.
  • With the permission of the University Administrative Board, the lecturers are required to commercialize the results of their research,
    • Establish a company in Kahramanmaraş Teknokent,
    • be a partner in an established company,
    • They can take part in the management of an established company. However, tax exemptions in Technology Development Zones should not be considered as the sole and most important condition to be included in these zones. As in many world cases, even if there are no tax exemptions, many advantages in the region are sufficient for a company to take part in Technopark.

How tax exemptions provided are audited?

Ministry of Finance General Directorate of Revenues and the related Tax Office are responsible for auditing the tax exemptions of the companies operating in Kahramanmaraş Technopark. Tax deduction is not applied for R & D projects that are not approved by Kahramanmaraş Technopark A.Ş. Kahramanmaraş Technopark Inc. It supervises all R & D activities and other activities within the Technopark, intervenes legally in any activity that does not comply with any law and reports the situation to the units responsible for the inspection. Law no. 5035 has been held responsible for the tax and penalties incurred in case of the determination of the tax exemption for those who do not actually work in the region. For this reason, it is not possible to apply tax deduction for the projects that the R & D is determined by the referees and not approved by the relevant board of directors.

Is it necessary to move the company headquarters in order to take part in Kahramanmaraş Technopark?

The headquarters of the company does not need to be in Kahramanmaraş Technopark. R & D activities can be continued in this unit by showing the Technopark unit as branch. However, this unit is required to have workplace qualifications according to Turkish Commercial Code.

What are the requirements for the companies accepted to Kahramanmaraş Technopark to start their operations?

In order to enable the companies accepted to Kahramanmaraş Technopark to operate within the scope of Technology Development Zones Law no. 4691, within 10 days after moving to the office areas assigned to them, SSI workplace registry record, regional work registry record, polling slip, information of the personnel benefiting from the exemptions provided and the information of other personnel not benefiting from this law. Kahramanmaraş Teknokent A.Ş.

What are the obligations of Teknokent companies to Kahramanmaraş Teknokent A.Ş.?

Obligations can be listed as to submit the documents and information specified in the previous article within the specified period, to dismiss / to be dismissed and notify the changes in the terms of reference of the existing personnel as soon as possible, having the Employee Personnel Information form of Kahramanmaraş Teknokent unit regularly approved by Kahramanmaraş Teknokent every month, submitting it to the Tax Office annexed to the Concise Declaration and filling the Company Activity Monitoring Form on a quarterly basis.